3 and Out: Padres and T.O.

Pades CEO Stepping Down
Sandy Alderson is stepping down as Padres' CEO.  He will be remembered more for last year's 99 loss season then the team winning two division titles his first two years on the job.
His other major undertaking was reshaping the minor league system.  Three or four years isn't a long enough time to change an entire system, at least not for him.

Padres Cont'd

Maybe this means we'll see some players who bunt and steal bases.  Of course, Kevin Towers has the almost impossible task of restocking the team on a small market budget.

And, of course, T.O.

Terrell Owens might have a pretty good reason for missing the start of the Bills' voluntary off season conditioning program this week after all.

The star receiver is in Washington, D.C., attending the sixth annual National Alzheimer's Gala.  He received the Alzheimer's Association's first Young Champions Award for raising awareness in the fight against the disease. Owens' grandmother, Alice Black, has Alzheimer's.  Among the others being honored were French president Nicolas Sarkozy, Democratic Sen. Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia and his wife, Sharon Percy Rockefeller. 

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