San Diego Mayor: ‘Mr. Trump Has Not Earned My Vote'

Mayor Kevin Faulconer on the likely GOP candidate for president

These are trying times for a lot of Republicans – for some, we imagine, it’s hard to keep smiling while their hearts are breaking.

I sent out a blast email this morning to a number of prominent local GOP worthies – elected officials, party insiders – and all too many have yet to respond, or got back to me in a duck & cover mode.

Here was my inquiry:

Inquiring minds want to know how prominent local Republicans are inclined to vote in this year’s Presidential election.

Thought we’d start with the mayor of the county’s largest city and see who might .. uh, take the bait at this early juncture.



On his behalf, San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s campaign manager Francis Barraza replied in short order as follows:

Hi Gene,

Here's a quote from the Mayor.

"I am not endorsing Mr. Trump. I reject his divisive rhetoric, including that toward women and Latinos. We need to be building bridges and bringing people together. That's how we do things in San Diego. Mr. Trump has not earned my vote."

Thank you, FB

On NBC 7’s 6 p.m. newscast, I’ll share the observations of San Diegans Ron Nehring, immediate past national spokesman for the Cruz campaign, and GOP strategist Ryan Clumpner.

Perhaps Cleveland will change the landscape we’re assessing today.

Either way, it would appear that The Donald has gone off like an IED in many hearts and minds of The Grand Old Party.

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