Poway Grammy Winner Pens TSA Pat-Down Protest Song

Grammy-winning musician Steve Vaus has used an Oceanside man's experience with airline security as inspiration for a new parody he released Friday, "Help You Make It to Your Flight."

Like the classic country song "Help Me Make It Through the Night," the song starts off romantic.

Take the ribbon from your hair
Shake it loose and let it fall

Then, it gets right into the sarcasm.

Leave your shoes right over there
Now, get up against the wall

I’ll run my hands inside your thighs
Up your legs and out of sight
But you can trust the TSA
To help you make it to your flight.

Vaus, aka Buck Howdy, said he couldn't resist poking a little fun at the TSA for all their poking, prodding and patting down.

Concerns over the agency's policies struck a nerve after Oceanside resident John Tyner likened it to sexual assault. TheTSA launched an investigation, a Congressman has called for a hearing and there's now even a T-shirt with Tyner's rally cry "If You Touch My Junk, I'm Gonna Have You Arrested."

All we needed was a parody song.

Vaus, who won a Grammy in 2010, is the husband of Corrie Vaus, a reporter with NBCSanDiego partner Channel 4 San Diego.

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