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Supervisor-Elect Terra Lawson-Remer Says She Would Consider Another Short-Term Shutdown

District 3 flipped from Republican to Democrat, which means that for the first time in 30 years, the County Board of Supervisors will have a Democratic majority

The next Dist. 3 Supervisor, Terra Lawson-Remer

Democrat Terra Lawson-Remer defeated incumbent candidate Republican Kristin Gaspar to be elected as San Diego County's District 3 Supervisor.

Lawson-Remer is an economist and environmental attorney who worked in the Treasury Department of the Obama administration.

"Voters are tired of that same-old, same-old that hasn't really delivered on improving our quality of life," she said.

At the top of the agenda is the response to the pandemic.

Kristin Gaspar, the current District 3 Supervisor had been a close ally of Supervisor Jim Desmond from District 5. Monday, Desmond and other elected leaders in the area held a rally calling for businesses to be able to stay open in the Purple Tier. In stark contrast, Lawson-Remer thinks we may need to make more sacrifices before we can think about reopening.

"What do we really need in order to be able to test enough and do the maximum possible so that our businesses could open safely? And I would imagine what that would look like is another shutdown for a short period, but one that's really well enforced to get our case count down," she said.

Aside from the county's response to the pandemic, Lawson-Remer says she wants to focus on environmental issues and affordable childcare during her term as supervisor.

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