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Prop 8 Case Will be Tweeted



    Prop 8 Case Will be Tweeted

    If you're looking for the latest news about marriage equality, you may want to turn your attention to Twitter.

    The case against Prop 8 is working its way through the legal system, potentially headed for the United States Supreme Court. If the marriage ban reaches that court, reporters will be allowed to use Twitter to relay the proceedings.

    It's a new twist on a long-standing debate over Supreme Court reporting. The justices have long resisted television cameras, but apparently tweeting is just fine with them.

    Last year, the US Supreme Court hastily reversed a decision to broadcast the Prop 8 trial. With just days to spare, the justices ruled that the proceedings should maintain a level of secrecy, and that the public should not be allowed to see the case unfold.

    But observers packed the courtroom, sending dispatches via social media and blogs. It was unclear whether that display of citizen-journalism would be permitted, should the case reach the US Supreme Court.

    But now it's looking like we'll get a glimpse into the proceedings after all -- 140 characters at a time.