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Look For Prop D On Your November Ballot

San Diego's sales tax proposition clears a legal hurdle.



    The city of San Diego's controversial Proposition D will appear on the November ballot.

    A second lawsuit challenging the measure was thrown out Wednesday.

    Opponents of Prop D argued it was improperly written and misleading. They also claim it doesn't go far enough to implement needed financial reform. 

    Proponents say the measure will  raise $100 million for cash-strapped San Diego.  

    San Diego Fact Check: Prop D

    [DGO] San Diego Fact Check: Prop D
    The voiceofsandiego.org and NBCSanDiego.org truth-squad the statements of local officials.
    (Published Saturday, Aug. 28, 2010)

    If passed, Prop D would add a half-cent to the sales tax if 10 fiscal conditions are met.

    The suit was filed by April Boling, former chairperson of the city's pension reform committee.

    Any appeals have to be filed by Friday.

    Last month, the same judge threw out another lawsuit against Prop D.