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Danny DeVito Boosts Barbara Boxer

Comedians fundraiser for California senator



    Danny DeVito Boosts Barbara Boxer
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    "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" star Danny DeVito hosted a fundraiser for Barbara Boxer this weekend with his wife.

    Politics make strange bedfellows, and it's harder to imagine a stranger coupling than Barbara Boxer, Danny DeVito, and Rhea Perlman.

    Louie from Taxi and Carla from Cheers hosted a fundraiser for the junior senator from California at their home this weekend. The couple was seeking to raise $250,000 for Boxer's re-election campaign.

    "We can't imagine Washington without Barbara Boxer," the duo told supporters.

    Speaking of imagination, Boxer certainly has inspired some imaginative ads from opponent Carly Fiorina, whose campaign spots include a video of a giant disembodied Boxer head floating over California.

    Crazy commercials aside, Fiorina has a shot against against Boxer, despite the longtime senator initially polling ahead of challengers, she's now about even with Fiorina and gay-friendly Republican candidate Tom Campbell.

    Boxer's war chest is considerable, even without the help of DeVito and Perlman. But a little extra cash from powerful friends never hurt.