World’s Most Philanthropic Are Techies: Report

NBC Bay Area

America's tech elite are the most philanthropic, according to a new report, beating out those in the finance industry.

The country's biggest 50 donors increased their giving by 27.5 percent in 2014, according to the Chronicle of Philanthropy. Several younger tech entrepreneurs also donated, including three that gave more than $500 million each.  

WhatsApp founder Jan Koum donated $556 million to the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, scoring the 4th spot on the Top 50 list.

Sean Parker, who donated $550 million to his family foundation and another fund, was ranked No. 5.

Nicholas Woodman and his wife, Jill, who created GoPro also gave more than $500 million to the Silicon Valley Community Foundation and were No. 6 on the list.

Sergey Brin, No. 9 on the list and a founder of Google, donated $383 million to nonprofit Ashoka and the Tipping Point Community.

Tech donors made up nearly half (47 percent) of the $9.8 billion given to charity and have slowly been edging out the finance industry and making up the majority of the Top 50 list.

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