Wiz Kids Make Dancing Vids

All work and no play makes the Wizards dull boys


The Washington Wizards like to keep a loose locker room. And the latest video put together by Wiz kids Nick Young, JaVale McGee and Andray Blatche, with a cameo appearance by Mike James (fitting as he once made an appearance on Supernanny), is a perfect example of the playground atmosphere.

Now, certainly there is nothing wrong with the video hi-jinks, which is a goofy remake of a Nike Freestyle commercial from several years back. However, one can't help but snicker and wonder if this is what occurs in the locker room on a daily basis.

Eddie Jordan, in his "player's coach" capacity, essentially let the inmates run the asylum, as long as they kept it serious on the court.

With a card like Gilbert Arenas, can you blame Jordan? Gil is like a pubescent teen -- try to dictate his actions and he'll only buck you, possibly creating a tension-filled environment.

Combine Arenas, who can't decide whether to be leader of the pack, or leader of the goof troop, with a young team and there will naturally be issues. Remember, this is the same team that last year had to separate the lockers of Young, Blatche, and Dominic McGuire, as dictated by team veterans, to improve team concentration before games.

In stepped interim coach Ed Tapscott this season, and well, did you really think Pee-Wee's Playhouse was going to change?

Even in the midst of his return, Arenas has kept the mood light. Yet, vets like Antawn Jamison have expressed their frustration with the youth multiple times.

So which is it, keep nerves calm with a loose locker room, or run a tight ship like the Spurs? These are the exact reasons why the issue of the next coach and guidance keeps rearing its head.

By all means Wiz kids, don't stop the fun videos, just know when to keep your nose clean and head screwed on straight. 

Kyle Weidie also writes Truth About It and contributes to Bullets Forever, both Washington Wizards blogs.

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