Dodgers' Matt Kemp Gives Fan the Jersey off His Back

Joshua Jones has been battling brain cancer.

Dodgers' outfielder Matt Kemp gave his hat to a Dodger fan. And his jersey. And his cleats.

A soon-to-be viral YouTube video of Kemp went live Monday night and shows Kemp giving the shirt off his back to a 19-year-old Dodgers fan sitting in the front row near third base at San Francisco’s AT&T Stadium. Joshua Jones has been battling brain cancer for three years.

Kemp sauntered up to the stands after a game against the Giants Sunday, shook the fan’s hand and signed his baseball. Kemp took off hat and reached across the fence, then, in quick succession, pulled off his jersey and cleats and handed them to the fan, as a stadium full of San Francisco Giants fans cheered.

"I didn't even know," Joshua Jones told NBC4. "My dad talked to the third-base coach and he surprised me."

"I'm still kind of amazed by it," Jones added.

The video, embedded below, was uploaded by YouTube user “stayinhigh4209,” who wrote:

“Matt Kemp is sucha great person. He came over after the game and made one of my best friends night.”

He indicated that the Dodger fan who received Kemp’s treasure trove of baseball items was “fighting a tough battle.”

Fans of the video left supportive comments after watching the video, many saying it brought them to tears.

“All professional athletes should take a lesson. This is what class looks like!” wrote YouTube user Shawn Dempsey.

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