Southern California

Walgreens Pulling “Swastika” Wrapping Paper After SoCal Woman's Complaint

Walgreens is pulling a wrapping paper print from it shelves a day after a Southern California woman complained about finding swastikas in the design, a company spokesman said Sunday.

The woman, Cheryl Shapiro, said she was shopping in the Hanukkah section of a store in Northridge when she found a geometric blue-and-silver pattern that had lines connecting in the shape of the Nazi symbol.

The rolls were removed from the store after she complained to managers.

Walgreens said other stores were following suit.

"We are in the process of removing the product from our stores," Walgreens spokesman Phil Caruso told NBC4.

Caruso said he could not comment on the design. He also did not have an estimate as to how many rolls were being pulled.

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