Vincent Gallo Joins Taliban for “Essential Killing”

Never one to fear sparking outrage, Vincent Gallo plays an Afghan member of the Taliban in his upcoming film, "Essential Killing," which juts unveiled a trailer.

Watch as Gallo is chased by U.S. forces, captured, prepared for "enhanced interrogation, escape ala Richard Kimball from an overturned prison transport, chainsaw a guy's head off, steal a BMX bike, draw a gun on a breastfeeding mother sitting in the snow and make his way into some poor woman's country home.

From the film's official synopsis:

The film follows the story of Mohammed, who is captured by the US military in Afghanistan and transported to a secret military black site. When the army convoy he is riding in plummets off a steep hill, Mohammed finds himself suddenly free and on the run behind enemy lines. A hostile, snow-blanketed forest, gradually reveals to be somewhere in the wilds of Eastern Europe. Relentlessly pursued by the military, Mohammed must constantly confront the need to kill in order to survive.

The film was directed by Jerzy Skolimowski, who also co-wrote the script with Eva Piaskowska, and co-stars Emmanuelle Seigner ("The Diving Bell and the Butterfly").

There's no question that Gallo is a gifted actor, a talented writer and director, and a world-class loon. But the idea of him doing action-adventure somehow strains the bounds of credultiy. And his playing a Taliban fighter protagonist is gonna make the fuss over his "Brown Bunny" fellatio scene seem quaint.

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