Today on Apple Patents the Darndest Things: Wireless Chargers

We already have wireless charging, but it requires you to set your gadgets on a charging pad, which usually means specialized, bulky sleeves for your phone and the like to take advantage of the system. Read: it kind of sucks. Apple's take? Ditch the wires and the pads using f&#@in' magnetism. But how does that work?

Apple isn't afraid of no patents. The company's filings range from useful to draconian, and everywhere in-between.

This most recent patent falls into useful: using near field magnetic resonance (NFMR), a gadget could draw power from a nearby charger without you having to plug it in as electricity would be transferred between the two objects over a short distance.

It's the same ease of use you get out of your wireless router. Walk around your apartment, and you're always online. Similarly, leave your charging node on your desk and then whenever you set your MacBook down, boom, you're charging.

Love 'em or hate 'em, this is an especially exciting idea coming from Apple, as the company designs its family of products in-house. That means, instead of this coming from a peripheral maker which then has to customize it to fit a variety of units (thus creating those bulky sleeves for induction charging pads and similar systems), this kind of technology would be under the hood, and most likely the only way to charge your Apple gear.

WIPO, via PhysOrg

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