The Line: Hello Kitty Con’s Official LA Stay

The famous pop feline-esque favorite is all the talk 'round the Koreatown spot.

Getty Images and Adrian Gaut

"NOT A CAT": It's not too often that news headlines confirm what something is not rather than what something might be, but bold text trumpeted a rather startling mind-befuddler of a revelation back in August: Hello Kitty, the superstar Sanrio bow-topped feline, is not. A. Cat. It was enough to send pop culture bloggers to their keyboards to ponder what this means, given that Hello Kitty is coming upon her 40th anniversary and, for sure, most fans, over those four decades, have believed the feline-like character to be, well, feline. "She's a cartoon character. She's a little girl. She's a friend," said one anthropologist.  It is a revelation, we're sure, that will be much meowed over -- or pawed over, or whisker-nuzzled, if you prefer -- during the Hello Kitty Con, which lands elegantly on all four feet at the Geffen Contemporary in Los Angeles from Oct. 30 through Nov 2. Indeed, that's over Halloween, but Hello Kitty's very true-hearted followers are famous for dressing in the eye-bright, happy-pink hues of their pop-sweet character favorite. Thinking of planning your weekend around the Geffen gathering? Then purr your way towards...

THE LINE HOTEL: The color-pow, oh-so-stylish Koreatown stayover is the official hotel of the Hello Kitty Con, and "special travel packages, rooms themed to the Hello Kitty style, and a special lounge by designer Sean Knibb," which will be the setting for the Nov. 1 birthday party, are all in the works. Plus? "An exclusive Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary welcome kit" is presented to guests at check-in, should they choose the Hello Kitty package. It isn't often that a mega con's whimsy and storyline extends to the attendees' hotel, but anyone who has followed the Japanese cute cat -- we mean kid -- knows that fans want the whole experience, the dress-up, the products, the tunes, the scene. Between the Geffen and the Line, Hello Kitty's bow-wearing fans shall find plenty of rainbow-sparkle times. Don't forget your lunchboxes, lip balms, or hairbrushes, kitty conventioneers.

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