The Great GoogaMooga Presents: Chef Marcus Samuelsson's “Soulful and Damn Tasty” Dishes

We get ready for The Great GoogaMooga with one of our favorite people chef Marcus Samuelsson (Red Rooster Harlem). Now, be warned, Mr. Samuelsson gives us a drool-worthy description of what he'll be cooking up at this weekend's music and food festival. Get ready, set, drool:

What makes your event GREAT?
The link between Harlem and Brooklyn is so strong. These are both two very vibrant places, and to be able to bring the energy, spirit and soul from these legendary places together is very exciting.
What will you be serving?
We'll have springtime twists like fish taquitos, chicken & waffles, corn bread madeleine with tomato jam, jerk bacon and smoked caesar along with shrimp and dirty rice.

Best three words to describe why people should try it:
Soulful and damn tasty

What are you personally looking forward to this weekend other than your own event?
I'm always excited to be in the same place as other chefs to see how they're continuing their search for curiosity.
We love saying “GoogaMooga”—feel free to entertain us and use it in a sentence... However you like...

"Did you GoogaMooga me?"

The Great GoogaMooga is an "amusement park of food and drink" and live music going on this Saturday and Sunday in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. Go on, get your Googa on!

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