Swingin’ Holiday at the Elvis Honeymoon Hideaway

Songs of the '60s -- hello, Elvis and Mr. Sinatra -- take on some Palm Springs flair.

Honeymoon Hideaway

1960s VARIETY SPECIAL: Even if you weren't alive in the 1960s, or were but a wee tot, you remember the yuletide-time, black-and-white, full-of-star-cameos variety specials. Maybe there was a set built to look like a suburban living room or perhaps it was a stage lined in tinsel trees, but the singers and comedians came out, one by one, and did their darndest to lend a little sparkle to the fa-la-la-iest season of the year. We don't see those variety specials as much now, only in late-night repeats and on clip shows, but there is a way to catch the spirit of them in person. The spot? The oh-so-cool-cat Honeymoon Hideaway, the very abode where Elvis and Priscilla Presley spent their honeymoon back in 1967. The performers? Mr. Nick D'Egidio and Mr. Ted Torres, you betcha. The duo'll be summoning the magic of a certain Mr. Sinatra and Mr. Presley, performing both the hits of the icons as well as some toasted-marshmallow-type Christmas classics. Can you feel the old-school variety love now? Both in the living-room-y setting and the tuxedo-sporting, repartee-spouting hosts? Yeah, you can.

DATES AND DETAILS: It's all going down in Palm Springs on Saturday, Dec. 21. Door prizes and decorations are promised -- door prizes are tres old-school, yes? -- and some celebrity cameos, too. Plus the fun of being at a famous house on one of the most festive days of the year. And now, the ticket deal: They're are a few ways to do it, but folding in a house tour with the concert, so you'll need to peruse your choices before purchasing. But purchase you should: This thing is selling out faster than it takes a Presley-loving performer to say "thank you, thank you very much." It isn't hard to guess why, of course. Everyone but everyone misses those classy, swingin' variety holiday shows, and to spend an evening enjoying an homage to that era, in person? Christmas cool, baby.

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