Stare Down Doublebooking at Comic-Con

A handy scheduler keeps your to-dos in order.

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While Comic-Con is a happy, busy time for the thousands who attend, little disappointments can happen.

Your Darth Vader helmet can go missing. You might forget the one comic book you really wanted your favorite artist to sign. And, a common mishap: You doublebook your to-dos, or you don't get to see that one panel you really wanted to see, because it was happening at the same time as this other panel you wanted to see a little bit less, and you got it mixed it all up.

Miffed. Majorly.

Enter the Comic-Con scheduler. Hour by hour -- well, rather, every-ten-minutes by every-ten-minutes -- is broken down with boxes to check off next to everything that's happening during the mega, multi-day, movies-and-all-else convention. Panels kept straight. Signings not overlapping. An order to everything.

We'd do it now, and not in a mad scramble in your hotel room.

But what to choose on Saturday, July 24 at 10 a.m.? The SpongeBob Squarepants event, or the thingy devoted to MAD magazine? Choices.

Comic-Con opens in San Diego on Thursday, July 22. 

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