Burning Man 2010 Preview (Spoiler Alert)

This year's art projects are unveiled.

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Josh Keppel
Some Burning Man projects are nearly finished months ahead of time. Here Laura Kimpton's Celtic Forest Crew has created some more letters in the same font as her Mom from last year. I'll let you try to do the letter jumble to figure out what might be spelled out from K-N-I-M-O-M...
Josh Keppel
Burning Man artists gathered for the 2010 Desert Arts Preview, where pictures and explanations of new projects were shared with about 100 people in attendance.
Josh Keppel
Megatropolis is one of the 35 art projects to get funding assistance from Burning Man this year (up from 24 projects last year).
Josh Keppel
Megatropolis creator "Kiwi" Chris Hankins lives in New Zealand and will travel to the Black Rock Desert of Nevada for his 7th burn this year. http://megatropolisproject.com/
Josh Keppel
EMPTY_CAPTION"I thought of building a big city out of wood to burn," Hankins said, and that's just what he'll do, with six buildings in a city block footprint with 225 feet of total height.
Josh Keppel
Kiwi Chris made a few models of the project and burned one to see what it would look like. This is a shot he showed of the "Transamerica inspired 'Pyramid Building'" that looks a bit like the man when set ablaze.
Josh Keppel
Bryan Tedrick from Glen Ellen, CA designed and built last year's Portal of Evolution. http://www.bryantedrick.com/
Josh Keppel
This year Tedrick is building Minaret, "the tallest thing I've ever built" at 47-feet-tall and 16,000 lbs it will also be the first piece of his to be lit at night as well as having sound and aerial performances.
Josh Keppel
Tedrick shows a picture of the work in progress.
John Hancock
A project close to my heart is the Kinetic Cab Company, taking machines from the Kinetic Sculpture Race up in Humboldt County out to the playa for participants to pedal around town.
Duane Flatmo
The idea is for the human powered machines to make trips out to the airport and to take daily art tours. There should be 20 machines at BRC with more than half there for their first time.
Josh Keppel
Thursday at 4:20 p.m. will be the first ever Kinetic Sculpture Great Scavenger Hunt where a lucky few will get to pedal around BRC in the Crustacean Wagon (pictured) competing against the other machines. http://kineticcabco.org/
John Hancock
Matt Ganucheau now lives in New York and has come up with a plan to install an interactive NYC "double-sided subway bench with four speakers pointed at it." The quadraphonic sound system will mimic the sounds of a real NYC subway station.
Josh Keppel
Ganucheau said, "The bench will have 12 seats and as more people sit the more chaotic the sound gets (ramping up to) Grand Central Station at rush hour." http://ganucheau.com/
While most of the projects featured in the Desert Arts Preview are funded by Burning Man, some that were not given money were also asked to speak about their projects. Here Marco Cochrane talks about Bliss Dance, a 40-foot-tall metal figure of a woman standing on one foot.
Josh Keppel
Bliss Dance Production Manager Lloyd Taylor brought a small piece of the sculpture (under his hands) being built on Treasure Island.
Josh Keppel
Nicole Bloss talked about the nightly chakra ritual that will go along with the sculpture where each night in the week a different chakra will be lit from within.
Fatima Kelley
Here is an image of what the sculpture will look like (40-feet-tall of course). http://www.blissdance.org/ (Check out the live studio web cam where you can watch the build as it happens.)
Josh Keppel
Representatives from The Black Rock Arts Foundation did a presentation after intermission highlighting the work they have been doing the last few years getting art placed in public places around the world. $55,000 is going to 12 grantees this year! http://www.blackrockarts.org/
Fatima Kelley
The next project for The Black Rock Arts Foundation is to bring the Raygun Gothic Rocketship, to Pier 14 in SF in August (aliens not included). http://www.raygungothicrocket.com/
The 2010 Desert Arts Preview was webcast so anyone in the world could watch and listen to the presentations. Some of these videos are still online if you want to seek them out.
Josh Keppel
The nights MC was Beth Scarborough (aka Betty June) who said there were 260 applications for art funding that came in this year and they had "five or six meetings squeezing every dollar we could to fund as much as we could. I am incredibly proud at what we ended up funding."
One of the more radical projects being funded for Burning Man 2010 is Syzygryd, a 13-foot-tall, 30-foot-wide interactive musical instrument.
Fatima Kelley
Nicole said the group wanted to "create an instrument that could be played by anyone." There are some very cool pictures and videos on their site that explain more: http://www.syzygryd.com/
Three touch panels will allow users to play music together as spectators are treated to the sound, lights and eight flame effects including a giant fire tornado.
Josh Keppel
Michael Christian is doing a piece this year called Home, a "12-foot-tall metal globe that will rotate with layers of maps C&C cut out." He didn't have any pictures of the piece so he instead showed older work, like Flock seen here.
Josh Keppel
The last piece of the night to be highlighted was the Temple of Flux.
Josh Keppel
PK Kimmelman (pictured), Jess Hobbs and Rebecca Anders talked about their project that is being built sunrise to sunset at American Steel in Oakland and will have 21,000 square feet of space to write on.
Josh Keppel
There is a cool video on their website with a place to donate money: http://temple2010.org/wordpress/
Josh Keppel
Jess Hobbs (left) and Rebecca Anders (right) did last year's Fish Bug (aka Chimera Sententia) and are Flaming Lotus Girls, who implied that this years Temple burn will be different than any other.
Josh Keppel
At the end of the presentation artists took questions from the audience and most encouraged interested parties to come help build the work, or better yet, donate money to a project of your choosing.
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