South Florida Man Accused of Recording Himself Having Sex With Unconscious Woman

A South Florida man is accused of secretly recording himself having sex with an unconscious woman.

Marek Amann, 33, of Loxahatchee was arrested on Friday. Police said he recorded himself last year on four occasions having sex with a woman while she was "physically helpless and unconscious."

According to Amann's attorney, the alleged victim is a former girlfriend.

Police said Amann also recorded other females in several locations, apparently without their knowledge.

"We determined there was multiple victims that were either video recorded or in a state of being naked without their knowledge," said Det. Bonnie Owens, with Wilton Manors Police.

Owens believes there could be years' worth of information to look into. Currently she's looking into the time frame from July to November of 2014, when Amann lived in Wilton Manors.

"Over 160 clips. And when I say clips, those contain incidents that could be eight clips per incident," Owens said.

Police were able to identity three victims from the video, who had no idea they were allegedly recorded. One woman didn't even know there was a sexual encounter, Owens said.

"There was one victim that we know of, that we already identified, that was unconscious," Owens explained.

Amann has been released on bond for charges of sexual battery and video voyeurism. He is a longshoreman, working at Port Everglades.

Amann's attorney, Richard Tendler, said that Amann was recently suicidal and that he had dated the victim who was allegedly unconscious during intercourse, according to the Sun Sentinel.

"The victim has a pretty extensive prior record, including filing a false police report," Tendler told the judge, according to the newspaper. "Up until several weeks ago she was pretty much coming over to his house readily."

Amann has an extensive wrap sheet. He pleaded no contest to a moonshine charge and was arrested in Palm Beach County for assault with a deadly weapon. That charge was dropped.

Out of South Carolina, he has assault and battery charges from 2011.

Based on the information investigators have, they're confident there are other victims out there.

"The videos we obtained of the victims we were not able to identify, those victims were conscious, but they were unaware they were being videotaped," Owens said.

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