San Francisco School Official Used City Money on Crocs, iTunes

Study shows school board president spent $4,300 for personal use

Shaypier on Flickr

The San Francisco schools board president used a district-issued credit card to make personal purchases while the school system struggles to pay its bills, according to a new report.

An audit done by reporters at the San Francisco Chronicle shows that school board president Kim-Shree Maufas charged $4,300 on the district's Diner's Club card to pay for everything from travel to shoes to coffee.

Among Maufas' purchases were $2,000 spent on a "cultural exchange trip" to China, $40 on a pair of black Crocs shoes, $125 for a car battery and $3 for an Apple iTunes purchase. 

Maufas also spent another $3,000 of the district's money on food and beverage purchases for meetings in the City, according to the report. The Chronicle also points out that Maufas was a generous tipper, leaving a more than 20 percent gratuity more than 40 times.

The president did reimburse the district in four installments for her personal purchases, the report says, but at the same time she continued to charge expenses such as gas and and food.

Maufas told the paper "there definitely was a misunderstanding" about how the card was to be used and "that it won't happen again."

Superintendent Carlos Garcia say he is making sure Maufas and others like her will not misunderstand the system again. He told the paper all credit card purchases were suspended until tighter regulations were in place, which included the prohibition of personal expenses.

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