Renovations to iconic Tarzana ‘Snoopy Bridge' unveiled

The renovations come after Reseda resident Kirk Donovan noticed damage to the bridge's "Peanuts" drawings.

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Renovations to Tarzana’s beloved “Snoopy Bridge” were unveiled on Monday after a years-long effort by a resident to restore its damaged panels.

The bridge — located over Wilbur Avenue and adjacent to Tarzana Elementary School — has been a fixture of the local community since the 1970s and features 12 drawings of characters from Charles Schulz’s iconic “Peanuts” cartoon.

The bridge’s drawings are all original designs, sketched and signed by Schulz himself, who knew a member of the Tarzana Elementary School PTA. The panels on the bridge, which feature Schulz’s designs, are all public works of art. 

The renovations came after Reseda resident Kirk Donovan noticed damage to the drawings, including a painted graffiti mask over the Charlie Brown cartoon panel, bullet holes, dirt and rust. 

Despite Donovan repeatedly contacting the school, the city’s department of transportation, and various city council members, it took nearly three years and widespread social media outcry for the city to finally take action. 

The unveiling was attended by Councilman Blumenfield, alongside Tarzana Elementary School students and members of the Tarzana Neighborhood Council.

A beloved Tarzana landmark featuring Charles Schulz’s iconic “Peanuts” cartoon characters is getting a long-necessary facelift, thanks to the efforts of one Snoopy fan on a mission. Gordon Tokumatsu reports for the NBC4 News on June 5, 2024.

According to a press release from Councilman Blumenfield’s office, Blumenfield secured $20,000 in funding to make the renovations happen, in partnership with community members and Charles M Schulz Creative Associates.

A few weeks ago, the five panels that had been subject to the worst damage were taken to Hattas Studios for restoration that included the application of an anti-graffiti coating.

“It was a complicated task, but all parties worked together to make it happen,” according to the press release from Blumenfield’s office.

The five panels were successfully re-installed. The other seven will also be restored by Hattas Studios over the next few weeks.

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