#RedwoodsFriday Launches: Free Day-Use Passes

It's a limited-time offer spotlighting the Friday after Thanksgiving 2017.

California State Parks

THANKSGIVING HAS ITS PLENTIFUL JOY MOMENTS, from the hugs shared by family members and friends, to the traditional dishes we only eat once a year, to the chance to hang out on a weekday while devouring pie at regular intervals. One of those holiday-specific pleasures, for many people, has to do with the snugness of Thanksgiving. That snug-a-tude may be expressed by crowding around a cozy table with treasured cousins or hanging out in a packed kitchen as you catch up on what's been happening with everyone. If you love to revel in the snug aspects of Thanksgiving, but always find that you awaken the next day needing some space, quiet, and whatever the opposite of that feeling is, just gaze outside, or even head outside, for a lung-filler of a breath, and some sky, and some air. The Save the Redwoods League and California State Parks have teamed up for the third year in a row. The goal? To make the day following Thanksgiving a little easier for many Californians, thanks to a limited-time offer of...

FREE DAY-USE PASSES... specifically created for visits happening on Friday, Nov. 24, 2017. The magical places the #RedwoodsFriday pass encompass? "(M)ore than 40 redwood state parks," yessiree, and if you're hoping that Big Basin or Calaveras Big Trees is on the list, your hope shall be answered in the affirmative. The pass giveaway is definitely a "first come, first served" sort of deal, do note, so hop on it ASAP if you want to commune with some of the tallest trees on earth on that particular Friday. Where better to continue the flow of gratitude inspired by the holiday then in a glorious grove of gorgeous arboreal wonder? Best get all the info, and that most excellent free pass, before they're gone, gone like the briefest breeze that flits through the canopy of tippy-upper redwood limbs.

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