More Bad News For Same-Sex Marriage Supporters

Potentially worse for the cause of marriage equality was the sale of the San Diego Union Tr.

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Beyond the court ruling on Prop 8, supporters of same-sex marriage got some more bad news this week. 

Less noticed than the court's decision, but potentially worse for the cause of marriage equality was a business sale in San Diego.

That news? Doug Manchester bought the Union-Tribune newspaper.

Manchester is best known as a hotelier and businessman in the San Diego area.

But he's also one of the most aggressive and richest opponents of same-sex marriage. His six-figure donation to the Prop 8 campaign made him one of his hotels the target of a boycott. (He also was the target of a labor union boycott over unionization).

Now he's the owner of one of the state's largest newspapers.

The fight for marriage equality, already a long and tough fight, just got longer and tougher today in California.

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