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Porter Ranch Residents to Return Home After Gas Leak Sealed

The Porter Ranch gas leak has been sealed, but many residents were still wary of the possible effects

As Porter Ranch residents return home following the biggest gas leak in U.S. history, many are still worried about the possible health ramifications.

On Saturday, Southern California Gas Company officials assured the South Coast Air Quality Management District and community through expert testimony that any methane leaks have been permanently sealed.

The board also approved testing air samples from some of the homes affected by the leak.

"People shouldn't have to move back until we do a sampling of tests," Congressman Brad Sherman said.

He stressed that not every single home would be tested. 

Four months after its detection, the gas leak was reportedly capped Thursday. Residents got the "all clear" in the form of a text from SoCalGas.

"It was relief -- I didn't expect them to seal it this soon," Chali Soltani, Porter Ranch resident, said.

Soltani was one of thousands of homeowners who had to evacuate their homes when the gas leak occurred. She said she is not the only one who's holding her breath when it comes to possible lingering effects.

"Our concern is with other wells up there," Jeff Phyllis, resident, said. "Are they paying attention to those wells?"

SoCalGas said crews would be inspecting all 114 of the wells. Meanwhile, experts assured that gas levels were in compliance with the order of abatement.

For those moving back, the question of whether they want to stay around or eventually move remained. 

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