Police Seize 66 Dogs From One Rockville Home

Police seized 66 dogs from a Rockville home Friday, including some that needed immediate veterinary care.

Authorities came to the house in the 13000 block of Glen Mill Road for the first time on Thursday, following up on a dog bite case. While there, they began to suspect the presence of many animals -- but, police said, the homeowner didn't cooperate with their requests.

They returned to the home Friday at about 6:30 p.m. with a warrant and searched the home. Collecting the dogs took well into the night, police said.

The dogs were of many different sizes, ages and breeds -- and "were also in varying medical and behavioral condition," according to a press release from the Montgomery County Animal Services Department.

Staff of the ASD were on hand during the seizure to do an initial check of the dogs. Now, each will be fully examined to assess their health.

The dogs are now being cared for by ASD. In the press release, the lead investigator for the case said, “the case is complex due to its size,” but credited, "excellent teamwork by all the staff involved…we made a difference today."

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