Planned Parenthood Faces Defunding Following President Trump’s Proposal

Planned Parenthood is bracing for huge cuts as the Trump Administration is proposing that facilities that provide abortions or abortion referrals would be barred from getting federal funds.

"It would be a tremendous hardship for us to lose that money," said Gilda Gonzales, CEO of Planned Parenthood of Northern California.

This plan allows the president to make good on a campaign promise but to Planned Parenthood, it is a move to defund them.

"It is a clear move against women and women’s rights," Gonzales said.

Northern California clinics stand to lose nearly $1 million a year.

"It would mean more incidents of undetected sexually transmitted diseases, more unwanted pregnancies and that’s just not good for people," said Gonzales.

Planned Parenthood has already had to close three Bay Area clinics just this past year because of funding shortages and the prospect of federal cuts has many worried.

"It really upsets me because I feel it’s rights all women deserve," said college student Samantha Alvarez. "It would take away basic rights women need."

Meanwhile, Gonzales says Planned Parenthood will never stop providing abortion services.

"We have to be strong, we have to be brave," she said. "Fight through and win."

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