Pinot & Pizza Celebration! (Times Two)


TWO FOR TWOMEY: The words "(c)elebrations will be held simultaneously" delight. After all, they indicate multiple parties. The only challenging bit is the word "simultaneously"; one must then choose which party to attend. In the case of the Pinot & Pizza Celebration! parties being thrown by Twomey Cellars, that will really depend upon where you are. And if you happen to be near Calistoga or Healdsburg on Saturday, April 30, and you're a wine person, and you're a red sauce-melty cheese person, and you like an afternoon bash, you are in some luck.

DRINKS AND DETAILS: The celebration -- apologies, Celebration!, complete with exclamation mark -- will spotlight four of the wineries' 2009 pinots (they'll hail from the Russian River Valley and Santa Maria Valley, among other spots). There will be straight-out-of-the-wood-burning-oven pies to help wash it all -- or pizza it all -- down. And the cost? Twenty five dollars. It all sounds like a relaxing, dough-delightful, spicy-sipped way to bid April adieu.

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