Ohhh, It’s Biofluorescent Shark Wallpaper

You can admire this amazing and ethereal critter on your desktop daily, thanks to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

ASK ANY SHARK MOTHER... or shark father or shark friend or shark co-worker what they think of sharks in general, and one imagines that they might answer "oh, they're just swell." And, as a matter of happy fact, a lot of humans would have a similar response. It turns out that not only are these fascinating ocean denizens swell, but there's a shark that is, by name, a swell shark. But having "swell" in its handle isn't the swell shark's only claim to fame; it is also biofluorescent, meaning it is one of the more eye-catching ocean animals. To properly celebrate October, and to spread the swell-a-tude that swirls around the swell shark, the...

MONTEREY BAY AQUARIUM... is featuring the fanciful (but very real) gill-tastic wonder on its October wallpaper. This is downloadable wallpaper for desktop, mobile, and social, and it is free, which means your day may "swell up" at any time, should you come across this shark's handsome snapshot. Not only is it glowful, but "... it can turn itself into sort of a neck pillow, swelling up to warn off predators or prevent them from extracting it from a rocky crevice." Quite the handy talent, all told, in addition to its ability to "... absorb energy from sunlight and reemit it as a different color," thanks to "(p)rotein in skin cells." 

FIND YOUR PHOTO... of the oh-so-swell swell shark now, at the Monterey Bay Aquarium web site.

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