Sydney Spies Yearbook Pic: School Says Too Sexy

High school senior says photo "captures her true personality"

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Durango High School in Colorado allows seniors to choose their own yearbook photo. The process usually works smoothly -- until they came across Sydney Spies.

Spies, an 18-year-old senior at the Colorado School, is facing off with school officials and yearbook editors who feel her photo, which has her garbed in a thin, sheer yellow skirt and tight black tube-type top, is inappropriate. They say the picture will “diminish the quality” of the award-winning publication.

The aspiring dancer and model however believes the photo “captures her true personality.”  She even protested outside the school with her mother and friend on Wednesday. She believes her first amendment rights are being violated.

School officials have a different story. They say they quickly told Spies to pick a different shot after they received it. Yearbook editors also voted to not allow the picture’s publication, contrary to a statement made by Spies, who said the student editors voted four-to-one in favor of it.

According to school policy, students must wear tops that fully cover the chest, back and abdomen in all yearbook photos. In her photo, both Spies’ shoulders and abs are clearly visible.

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