Jon & Kate Ends: The World Continues to Spin

"Jon & Kate Plus 8" airs final episode

“Jon & Kate Plus 8” is no more – and critics couldn’t be more thrilled.

To recap last night's series finale: Jon's brood ran a lemonade stand to raise money for firefighters, that is, everyone except the twins, who didn’t get to participate after one said they'd rather spend time with mommy. Jon said he'd never remarry Kate. Surprise. 

Meanwhile, Kate took the kids to a farm to milk cows. She lamented how painful it felt that the reality show had “been taken from us, from me and the kids” and said Jon's relationship with "girlfriends" was "too warped" for her little ones to ever find out about.  

Kate also summed up her relationship with her soon-to-be ex-hubby with an expression that appears on this year’s list of most annoying phrases: “It is what it is.”

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