Napa Music Fest: BottleRock Line-Up

Fill up your Memorial Day Weekend with shows from Stevie Wonder, Red Hot Chili Peppers...

BottleRock Napa

EARLY JANUARY... may be about frostier weather, and returning to work after some time off, and returning those two sweaters you got that in no way fit you through the arms, and the finishing of various treat tins (if you couldn't do so by New Year's Eve). But the start of the year is also about sound, and not simply the pitter-patter of raindrops or the cash register recording your return. These sounds are sunny, and are very much about the large-scale music festivals of the spring and summertime. For it is right in the heart of winter that many of the biggest parties start to come together in terms of line-ups and special happenings and foods featured and hotel deals. It's enough to make one forget all of the stuff they put off during the holiday season, at least for a few minutes, while they peruse various web sites to see if the singers and musicians they love will be there. Coachella Music and Arts Festival just announced its springtime roster on Jan. 4 -- it's a two-weekender in the middle and near the close of April -- and the big (big big) BottleRock Napa Valley is doing the same, with an also-huge line-up of headliners aplenty. Thinking of doing wine country around Memorial Day Week? You may want to plan a day or two to see...

STEVIE WONDER... and the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Florence + The Machine. The city of Napa is the spot, the final three-day holiday weekend in May is the time, and the chance of it all selling out in some speedy fashion is pretty much a given (look to 2015, which saw tickets fly). Lenny Kravitz, Walk the Moon, The Lumineers, and Death Cab for Cutie will also be rocking out, and not too far, in space nor time, from the Williams-Sonoma Culinary Stage, where a whole informative, appetite-whetting cooking demo scene'll be happening. BottleRock Napa Valley is known for putting some serious emphasis on the spatula-and-measuring-cup side of things, in addition to the all-out jamming happening amp-side. Of course, "bottle" is in the name, and the location says it all: This one's for the foodies, too, who just happen to love a top-notch warm-weather tune-tacular. Those kind of things don't come around every day, but here's a day you will need to know, if you want to go: Passes go on sale on Thursday, Jan. 7.

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