Left Coast Brewing Opens in Irvine

The San Clemente-famous suds land at Sand Canyon Plaza.

Left Coast

IF YOU'VE SIPPED AROUND CALIFORNIA... since 2004, and you've found yourself in interesting taverns and pretty pubs and the kind of festivals that spotlight the beautifully made brews of the Golden State, chances are you've enjoyed a beer from Left Coast Brewery. The name says it all, or most of everything it needs to, and clearly: This is a West Coast company, with roots in a place not that far from the ocean: San Clemente. And while making your way to that particular spot on any day for a chance to try an IPA or an ale is a pleasant errand, indeed, there are other places to find your Left Coast love. And the newest? Say hello to the latest outpost of Left Coast Brewery, which is located at Sand Canyon Plaza in...

IRVINE: The brewhouse debuted in early summer, and it has a number of Left Coast classics on draft, including Hop Juice Triple IPA, Trestles IPA, and Asylum Belgian Style Tripel Ale. As for a totally new libation, one that will be brewed in Irvine? Prepare your tastebuds to be tantalized by the Smoked Saison, "the very first beer brewed onsite in Irvine and an ode to smokehouse cuisine." Interesting stuff, as is the fact that there are several vittles to order and pair with what's in your glass. Barbecue is one theme, as are "classic comfort dishes," and "specialty mac-n-cheese loaded with smoked pulled pork" will surely be one popular complement to the fancy foams.

TO EYE THE BEERS, the menu, the location, and all of the hearty 'n hopsy Left Coast spirit, visit the site for the newest Irvine brewery, which, by the by, also includes a distillery. Now Left Coasters have two locations, not too far apart, to find a beer, something flavorful, and that quintessential crafty California experience.

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