Joe Biden: ‘I Would Like to See a Woman Elected'

"This country's ready for a woman," Biden said

Vice President Joe Biden has stopped short of endorsing a presidential hopeful in 2016, but on Monday he said both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are "totally qualified" for the office — although he added that "I would like to see a woman elected."

Biden made his comments during an interview with Mic, in response to a question on whether Sanders' remarks about Clinton's qualification and judgment are sexist, NBC News reported.

"Look, they're both totally qualified to be president," he responded. "They both get in a fight. Campaigns do this. It's like saying, you know, 'She's dead wrong' or her saying 'He's dead wrong' on an issue."

The vice president added that Sanders' remarks were "totally different" from the controversial rhetoric being uttered by GOP front-runner Donald Trump.

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