iPad to Crown Apple PC King

Study says sometime next year Apple will surpass HP.


Are tablets computers? That is the question that analysts will soon be asking if Apple continues its upward trajectory.

Research firm Canalys said the Cupertino-based company is on track to sell more PCs than Dell and Hewlett Packard -- but there is a catch.

For Apple to wear the crown of PC king, the Steve Jobs outfit will have to admit that its popular iPad is actually a personal computer.

That may not sit well with the late Apple co-founder.

"Pads, and particularly the iPad, have radically changed the dynamics of the PC industry over the
last year, already propelling Apple into second place in the worldwide PC market" Canalys analyst Tim Coulling wrote.

He said Apple already has about 15 percent of the global PC-plus-tablet market and that is good enough to be right behind HP, who has 18 percent of the market.

The report says that it may take the release of the iPad 3 to push Apple over the top, which may not come until the second half of next year.


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