iPad 3 Might Finally Get That Retina Display

For today's healthy Apple iPad 3 rumor: a Retina Display with a whopping 2048x1536 resolution screen. First rumored back in January, "proof" in iOS 5 could point to new high-resolution iPad 3 screen tech.

In January, a graphic in the iBooks app was discovered with a resolution of 2048x1536 and now another asset with the same high-res pixel count has been made by tech site TechUnwrapped: Twitter.framework.

If you've been following along with what's in store for iOS 5 since last week's Apple WWDC, you'll know that Twitter is going to be injected into iOS devices like stuffing is in a turkey on Thanksgiving day. Although TechUnwrapped's tipster discovery is hardly concrete proof, it does solidify the idea that Apple is at least toying with Retina Displays for future iPads.

We can picture it now: Steve Jobs is on stage next year at a small press event and he's showing off the iPad 3. It's a hair thinner than the iPad 2 and boom — Retina Display on the iPad 3. We know that such a dense display exists, but will it be cheap enough to include by the time the iPad 3 launches? Maybe just email Apple COO Tim Cook or Steve Jobs? It's worth a shot!

TechUnwrapped, via Techradar

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