Patent Shows Google Working on Voice Control TV

In the race to beat Apple to the punch on a voice-controlled TV, Google's preparing for the worst. Or at least, that's the thinking behind the company's latest patent that calls for Siri-like commands to operate a Google TV unit.

Rather than have TV viewers talk to the TV and tell it what to do, Google's patent filed in September takes a different approach. To mitigate the TV picking up the wrong voices, Google's solution uses either an Android-powered smartphone or tablet to act as the remote.

With the power of the cloud, the smartphones and tablets would even be able to control several TVs in different rooms or maybe, perhaps a wireless speaker system.

Another cool feature as ZDNet picks out is the ability for the smartphone/tablet to remotely start up your TV and turn on a specific channel. New episode of Mad Men waiting for you when you get home? Yes, please!

If Google adds in remote DVR, this type of Google TV could really take off, unlike what Google TV is now.

Are you ready to ditch the remote control? I know I am. At least if I lose my smartphone, I can call it. If I lose my TV remote, I'm usually left with a messed up home with lots of furniture flipped sideways.

Patently Apple, via ZDNet

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