Construction Worker Freed From Trench After 8 Hours

Dozens of crews helped rescue a construction worker trapped inside a trench in Northern Virginia, in a dramatic operation that took eight hours to complete. 

Witnesses in the area of Lexington and Venice streets in Falls Church said the worker, Terry Lee Binder, was 15 feet inside a trench at the time when it collapsed on top of him, trapping him up to the waist.

The rescue began around 4 p.m. Thursday and concluded just after midnight, and Binder was hospitalized with a few broken ribs.

The attempted tactical rescue was made even more complicated by several days worth of rain saturating the ground. Rescuers placed tubing around the worker to alleviate pressure and provide warmth during attempted rescues.

Neighbors told News4 construction workers had been on scene since Wednesday digging the trench.

"They were replacing a water and sewer line next door and apparently the excavation caved in," neighbor Nina Andgren said. 

News4's Erika Gonzalez spoke with the owner of Acclaimed Bath & Kitchen Services, the contracting company in charge of the construction project. 

"We don't feel good about it, I mean, God save us from tragedy," Leo Bejjani said.

He said Binder knew a trench box should have been installed during the project, but the ground collapsed before he could install it.

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