Facebook Shows Where Your Friends Eat


A new app on Facebook keeps track of your friends' dining history, so you can show up at their favorite restaurant and have a taste for yourself.

Restaurant app OpenTable has created Places I've Eaten for Facebook, which lets users list and rate restaurants that they have partaken or those that they want to visit, according to Mashable. Luckily, the app lets you decide  to keep your listing private, or make it viewable on Facebook. 

Users can use a map to search for restaurants based on ratings and other criteria as well as where other Facebook friends have visited. All links go to OpenTable's site.
The site is trying to make restaurant-going more social, especially since OpenTable acquired Foodspotting for $10 million earlier this year.
We think some resistance to this app may be in telling everyone where you are and making too much information available. A worst case scenario would be telling friends you couldn't make it to a birthday party because you were sick, and they later spot you on Facebook dining at rowdy bar and grill. 


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