Dining Out for Turkey Day From Coast to Coast

Thanksgiving is a time of celebration. It’s a day when we get together with people we love, eat, drink, and remind ourselves about the things we inherited from the Native Americans, like turkey, football, and Mohegan Sun. However, a lot of people aren’t very good cooks. And let’s face it, who likes doing dishes? If you said “all the women in your family,” not only are you sexist, but you’re probably pretty ignorant about what they’re saying while you crack a Coors Light and watch the Eagles in the other room. 

If you’re someone who doesn’t have a kitchen, a sense for cooking, or dishwashing detergent, there are restaurants that will take care of your Thanksgiving meal… as long as you take care of the tip.
Blaue Gans meaning "blue goose" is an authentic Austrian "Wurst Haus" in Tribeca. Come this turkey day, and you’ll pay $45 for three courses of Austrian-inspired Thanksgiving goodness.

If you don’t feel like having turkey on Thanksgiving (you communist), then you can get lobster or prime rib at Keen’s Steakhouse, which will cost you $95 for four courses.

Is a la carte your thing? Then stop by L’Absinthe Restaurant, a French inspired bistro with a simpler rendition of Thanksgiving traditions.

For the hungry control-freak, head to Bistronomic, where the entire Thanksgiving meal is customizable and will only run you $55.

Old school and new school collide at Lockwood, where you can indulge yourself with honey molasses roasted turkey for $60 per person.

If you call the Spanish restaurant Mercat 72 hours in advance, you can fool your friends and family into thinking you’re some kind of chef by brining an entire roasted pig to dinner.

If a Thanksgiving buffet sounds like your cup of turkey, then head towards AKASHA, which will be offering a “Pie & Tart Buffet” for $65 per person.

At Buca di Beppo, you can mix Native American mashed potatoes with some veal parmesan. Hey, Thanksgiving is a cultural mash-up anyway, right? Why not bring tomato sauce into the mix?

Watch the fireworks from Disneyland while you sample crispy pork belly at Catal Restaurant & Uva Bar. 


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