Dallas Police, Firefighters, Witnesses Join Together to Lift Car, Free Trapped Motorcyclist

The Dallas Police Department released dashcam video Thursday showing the remarkable rescue of a trapped motorcyclist by police, firefighters and citizens.

At about 9:45 p.m. July 9, Dallas police and fire were called to the scene of a major crash near Greenville Avenue and Bryan Parkway, where a female motorcycle rider was trapped under a car.

Police arrived within 30 seconds and first attempted to use a jack to raise the vehicle and free the woman, but the attempt failed.

As the woman gasped for air beneath the crushing weight of the vehicle, police officers, firefighters and citizens joined together to use "unified physical human strength" to lift the car enough to allow the woman to be pulled to safety.

The officers who saved her life spoke at Dallas Police Headquarters Thursday. They say when they arrived,  they saw her trapped and knew they had to do something very quickly.

"Once I saw all the people I realized there are definitely enough people to lift up a four-door sedan. I told the firefighters, 'There are enough of us here. Let’s just lift it up.' So he kind of, 'Oh OK.' and everybody just rushed up," said Officer Laura Beddow.

Dashcam video recorded the Herculean team effort as the vehicle was lifted and the woman was freed.

The motorcycle rider was rushed to a nearby hospital and sustained no major injuries from the crash.

Tim Bates, the attorney for the rescued woman, released the following statement on her behalf Thursday evening, saying his client is "grateful and thankful for the excellent service provided by the Dallas Police Officers and Firefighters that saved her life," as well as the bystanders involved. 

"In over 25 years of handling thousands of violent collision cases, this was the finest Police and Fireman work I have ever seen. Dallas should be proud of these great Police Officers and Firemen."

He said his client is not providing interviews currently, as her injuries are "serious and exhausting." 

NBC 5's Julie Fine contributed to this report.

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