Cure iPad 2 Envy With a Smart Cover Hack for Your Old iPad

Is your iPad looking a bit 2010-ish? Do you envy all those people who stood in line to get an iPad 2 with its fancy pants Smart Cover? Well if so, here's a simple hack that lets you add a new smart cover to your hideously old and outdated iPad 1.

The hack holds the Smart Cover onto your iPad using magnets just like on the iPad 2, and you can even use it as a somewhat shaky looking stand. Of course it won't give you the automatic power up feature, and under your fancy new cover you'll still have an old school iPad.

Surely, it's only a matter of time before some after-market company comes up with a knockoff Smart Cover made specifically for older iPads. Then you won't have to fiddle around with gluing on those little magnets.

Via Unplgged

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