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Cool Mickey Mouse and ‘Star Wars’ Gems Go to Auction

Several Disney-charming treasures'll go on the block at Van Eaton Galleries on the final day of August.

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Van Eaton Galleries
'The Art of Walt Disney Studios & Disneyland' auction is set for Van Eaton Galleries in Sherman Oaks on Saturday, Aug. 31, 2019.
Van Eaton Galleries
'The Art of Walt Disney Studios & Disneyland' auction is set for Van Eaton Galleries in Sherman Oaks on Saturday, Aug. 31, 2019.
Van Eaton Galleries
(Walt Disney Studios, 2006) A limited edition replica of the Walt Disney Studios Hyperion Avenue sign. Created in metal, plastic, and wood by artists Kevin Kidney and Jody Daily, the sign measures an impressive 19"x25".
(Walt Disney Studios, 1928) An original Ub Iwerks production drawing of Mickey and Minnie from Plane Crazy, the first Mickey Mouse Cartoon. Plane Crazy was produced as a silent film and given an audience test screening on May 15th, 1928.
Van Eaton Galleries
(Charlotte Clark, c.1930) An incredibly rare Charlotte Clark Mickey Mouse doll. In the late 1920s, Clark saw the growing popularity of Mickey Mouse and realized the potential for Mickey themed dolls. Her dolls were of such high quality, that after a short meeting, Walt and Roy Disney hired her immediately to produce additional dolls for them. Today, original Charlotte Clark dolls are some of the most desirable vintage Disney collectibles. This approximately 18" tall Mickey doll is composed of velveteen with felt ears and mother-of-pearl style buttons on the front and back.
Van Eaton Galleries
(United Artists, 1932) An extremely rare Exhibitor's Complete Campaign book for Mickey Mouse and Silly Symphonies cartoons. This 46-page book helped promote the early Mickey Mouse and Silly Symphonies films to potential exhibitors.
Van Eaton Galleries
(Walt Disney Studios, 1939-40) An original animation desk created for background artists at the Walt Disney Studios. Designed by Kem Weber for the new Burbank studio in 1940, this unique design helps show that different artists at the studio had different needs, and in designing the furniture for the new studio, Weber made sure to include features that would accommodate everyone. This desk includes a few very rare and seldom seen details, including a drawer with an original ceramic paint brush holder inside and a few miscellaneous art supplies. These original Kem Weber desks are an exceptionally rare part of Walt Disney animation history. This particular desk came from the estate of Disney Legend and Imagineer Wathel Rogers, who most likely bought the desk from the studio during a later refurnishing.
(Marx, 1961) A very rare first series store display for Disneykins by Marx. Only one store display was shipped with each case of figures, and many of those displays were discarded after use. Few of these die-cut displays shaped like the Disneyland Castle remain, and those that do are highly prized by collectors.
Van Eaton Galleries
(Walt Disney Studios, 2006) A posable life-size figure of Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas. The figure was designed by Kevin Kidney and Jody Daily and features articulated joints in the neck, arms, hands, and legs. This scarcely-seen figure was created in a limited edition of only 500, and the figure measures an astonishing 7ft tall, not including the base.
Van Eaton Galleries
Fancy a drawing from "The Lion King"? Scar fans, he'll be in the auction, too.
Van Eaton Galleries
(20th Century Fox, 1977) An original Style-D 40"x30" cardstock poster created by Charlie White and Drew Struzan for the original Star Wars. Several aspects of this poster are scarcely seen, including the unusual font choice for the title, as well as the torn-looking quality to the background artwork. The torn look was a last-minute creative decision to allow extra room around the artwork for additional text.
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