Celebrate World Bathing Day at Glen Ivy Hot Springs

Splish, splash, and soak in a variety of chill-the-mind pursuits, in Corona.

Glen Ivy Hot Springs

What to Know

  • Saturday, June 22
  • Corona
  • Bathing-focused activities included with admission

THE WORD "BATHING"... may get you talking about your tub, and your favorite soap, and your rubber duckie, and your softest washcloth, and the stack of magazines that you keep on a rack near the faucet. But, of course, to "bathe" can mean many things, and historically implied taking the waters in a public bath or spring, in addition to our at-home ablutions. Hence the term "bathing suit," something worn outside our tub, and the other words that connect the act of bathing to soaking among strangers, neighbors, and friends. In that not-so-sudsy but...

SLIGHTLY SPLASHY SPIRIT, Glen Ivy Hot Springs in Corona will pay tribute to World Bathing Day, which happens to fall on the day after the summer solstice, fittingly. We say "fittingly" because many people will be out, at their local swimming hole, thanks to the fine summer-starting weather. And at Glen Ivy? That means pools aplenty to simmer in, and a number of World Bathing Day activities included with your admission. If you choose to call upon the burbly spot on the first full day of summer, you may find yourself participating in...

"FIRE & ICE"... at the property's Hot & Cold Plunge, all to learn more about the ancient pastime of enjoying warmer water followed by an icier experience. You can join Aquafit at the Lap Pool at 11 o'clock, or make some time for the Sudsy Mud Cleansing Experience at Club Mud, from noon to 3 p.m. (yep, mud will absolutely and definitely be involved). Sunset in the Lounge Pool, at five minutes after 8 p.m., will involve candlelight and a photograph. Adding to the...

UPLIFT-A-TUDE OF THE DAY? Water.org is the beneficiary, and Glen Ivy will donate a dollar from each admission to the organization, which works "... to help bring clean water to communities in need." Are you a devout bather, at home, hither, and thither? Soak in this celebratory occasion, in the sunshine, in your bathing suit, among other H2O aficionados, on the day after the solstice.

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