Boy, 8, Leaves Expletive-Laden Voicemail After Comics Cut From Paper

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Hell hath no fury like a child kept from his comic strips.

The editor of the Bloomington Herald Times on Monday published audio of a voice message left by a young boy who was very upset that several of his favorite comic strips had been cut from the paper.

"I want back these comics now," the boy demanded before ratting off a list of his favorites, including "Garfield," "Peanuts," and "For Better or For Worse."

"I'll give you all my money if you just give us these back," the boy continued before lobbing some colorful descriptors at those who would get his message: "idiots, jerks, [expletive]"

Editor Bob Zaltsberg told industry scribe Jim Romenesko he found the message "very funny" but said, "an eight-year-old calling me a [expletive] isn’t that pleasant."

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