BlackBerry PlayBook Will Run Android Apps

Bloomberg is reporting that RIM's upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook tablet will be capable of running over 130,000 Android apps. So a tablet that isn't even powered by Android will get Android apps — how fantastic does that sound?

If there's one thing RIM's BlackBerry platform has always lacked, it's good apps. What better way to change that perception for its upcoming tablet than by using another mobile OS's set of apps? Originally rumored to be running Android apps using Google's Dalvik Java software, RIM is now expected to be using another unannounced solution.

With retro emulators, Angry Birds and a slew of great productivity apps, bringing what Android's offerings to the PlayBook seems like the ultimate taboo. Running Android apps on the QNX-powered PlayBook would be great for RIM and users as the Waterloo-based company would be able to appeal to a wider range of people — not only suits who tend to spaz out at every new BlackBerry.

RIM's decision to allow Android apps to be run on its PlayBook could be a major feature that makes the tablet a real contender against the Motorola Xoom, HP TouchPad, iPad 2 and all the other great tablets destined for this year. With its marketshare going down the toilet, it's time for RIM to suck it up and take a hit of pride — and remember it's all about making great memorable products.

Via Bloomberg

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