Anti-Asian Racism

Anti-racism Resources to Support Asian American, Pacific Islander Community

Experts share resources, guidance, tools and more

In the aftermath of the recent increase in hate crimes and bias incidents against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, many communities are showing their support in various ways, from social media activism to mutual aid efforts. These efforts are starting to heighten awareness surrounding racism against Asian Americans, which can be ingrained and subtle — ranging from racially insensitive incidents to physical attacks, experts say.

From March to December last year, there were 2,800 anti-Asian American hate incidents, according to the online self-reporting tool Stop AAPI Hate. There were 69 incidents that included racist language in addition to a physical incident. The site doesn't report these to police. Hate incidents like these have been fueled over the past year by pandemic-related rhetoric such as referring to the coronavirus as the “China virus,” reports have shown.

NBC News talked to experts about ways and resources to help prevent further violence. They include telling the history of racism against Asian immigrants, debunking the model minority myth, being accurate when talking about hate crime and racism, seeking out mutual aid efforts, being inclusive in the fight against anti-Asian racism, and more.

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