AI in the IE: Robots of Riverside

It's called "the biggest robot event in Southern California." Prepare, robotians.

Riverside Robot Expo

HUMAN... OR IS IT? Riverside has a host of colorful reps, including being home to California's second most famous castle (and the one castle you can sleep in). Props to you, dear Hearst, but the Mission Inn is plenty fairytale-ish, right down to its rambling hallways and commanding towers and all of those animatronic pandas and angels that toot trumpets and wave come the hotel's major holiday decorating extravaganza. You might guess that that's about where Riverside and large-scale moving figures end -- the Christmas animatrons of the Mission Inn -- but the area's deep robot knowledge goes far beyond the most festive time of the year. The historic city, in fact, rocks a robot-y streak that makes it a city of the future as well, and definitely on one particular fall Saturday. We're referencing, of course, the Saturday when "the biggest robot event in Southern California" bleeps and bloops into town, bringing with it some artificial intelligence wonders, some comical and creepy figures, some pop culture favorites, and a whole bunch of science-y brain-nice people who love to build robots and discuss them with other enthusiasts, too.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 11... is the date for the Riverside Robot Expo, and the Woodcrest Library is the location. On the robot roster for the day? A 3D-printed robot (called the Inmoov), Santabot, a singing Elvis robot, RoboDevo "the DEVO robot tribute band," Terminators, robot boxing, robot art, and some much robotian goodness you may return directly to your own garage, inspired to build something amazing for the next year's show. The day also brings a bit of a "Star Wars" vibe, complete with light saber tech and cosplay costumes straight from a galaxy far, far away. And the admission to soak in the science of tomorrow? It's free and kids are very much welcome. Meaning if you have young robot builder in the house, this is their day to get jumpstarted on the wonder front. Bleep and bloop on, robot lovers.

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