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WATCH: Goose Attacks NBC Photographer in Texas



    Goose Attacks NBC 5 Photographer

    A goose attacks NBC 5 photographer Kerry Smith and tries to block him from setting up a live shot of rising lake levels Friday morning. (Published Friday, May 22, 2015)

    An NBC 5 photographer was just taking a gander at rising lake levels, but it was enough to ruffle the feathers of one Fort Worth goose.

    Kerry Smith began unpacking his camera equipment and setting up for a live shot of Lake Worth for the morning broadcast when the goose spotted him.

    "It started squawking at me as soon as I arrived," he said.

    The goose circled Smith and voiced its displeasure for several minutes before losing its patience and asserting its dominance.

    "I thought we had come to an understanding, but clearly the goose wasn't happy with the terms," Smith said. "I apparently wasn't getting the message that this was his territory."

    After the attack, the goose — now sporting an inflated ego — refused to let Smith pack up and leave for a while. Smith said he was just ready for the incident to end.

    "I am just a little embarrassed that I turned into Shirley Temple," he said. "Samantha [Davies] had just said when we were live that the goose looked harmless."