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Elusive Emu Takes 3-Town Tour



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    Dominick Scaramuzzino
    Dominick Scaramuzzino said he spotted this emu in Bethany on Wednesday.

    Three of four emus that escaped from a farm on Seymour Road in Woodbridge, Connecticut, have been rounded up and taken home, but one elusive bird continued to evade capture Thursday evening.

    The fleeing flock member still on the loose has had quite the adventure since getting loose Tuesday night.

    The emu, which is kept as a pet, was spotted in Seymour and Bethany and was last seen back in Woodbridge, where people are trying to apprehend the flightless, ostrich-like bird.

    "You know you hear about people not wanting to get involved but that simply is not the case this time," said Woozie Wikfors, of Walking Wood Farm, where the birds live.

    Animal control officers were on the lookout Thursday night for any emu sightings in the area – but they'll have to be fast. Emus can sprint up to 30 mph and are the only birds that have calf muscles, according to the San Diego Zoo.