30 Sick Dogs Rescued From North Chicago Apartment

Police asking for volunteers to help care for the dogs until they find a home

Thirty small dogs were removed last week from a one-bedroom North Chicago apartment that authorities said was "covered with animal waste and extreme insect infestation."

Police Animal Control said most of the dogs suffer varying degrees of dehydration and malnutrition, and two dogs needed emergency medical care. Two other dogs were noticeably pregnant, animal warden Dana Duestch said.

The 42-year-old owner relinquished the dogs to police and Duestch last Friday. Charges are pending, police said.

Animal Control is working with area veterinarians to evaluate and treat the dogs, Duestch said. Authorities also are reaching out to rescue facilities to place the dogs in shelters and adoption homes.

In the meantime a makeshift kennel was created at the police department.

"While the process of getting these dogs to shelters and good homes continue," Duestch said, "the North Chicago Police Department is asking for your help with the everyday care and handling that is so urgently needed during the next few weeks."

Anyone interested in helping with the dogs on a volunteer basis is asked to call 847-596-8774 and leave a contact number.

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